Sourcing & Procurement

Allow you to sell a significant portion of your product output, a long-term cash flow visibility.

Market Operation

Ensure your sales performance continue to grow in Pan-Asia.

Our Coverage
Connecting Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South East Asia.
More than a buy-and-sell agency, PAD provides food processing, value-adding service, TOT(Technology of Transfer) total solution for food and beverage to our customers.
Experienced & Innovated


Our long-standing experience in global trade and our knowledge of Pan-Asia market is what has helped us become a trusted sales agency of food & beverage.We specialize in trade services, managing your trade documentation, regulation, contracts, and agreements. Simply put, we help simplify your export and import process.

Features / 01

One deal, multiple countries

Senior sales representatives across Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South East Asia.

One contact covers all.

Features / 02

One contact accessing multiple channels

Our regional sales management provides logistics and warehousing, product distribution solution in Retail, Foodservice and Quick-Service Restaurants.

You will get insight into sales budget imple-metation and sales activities.

Features / 03

Not just know them, we are dealing with them 

We have solid long-term relationships with committed clients across Asia

Successful international expansion begins with getting deals faster.

Features / 04

More than a sales team, but also your marketing agent

Choosing PAD means calling on a culinary marketing agency. Sharing our know-how and connecting you with the targeted customers across Asia.

Features / 05

Food processing & recipe development

With the support of in-house quality control and research by our product development team, PAD can assist compliance in :

Strict Food Safety Standards

In order to ensure food safety and product quality, strict hygiene standards are adhered.

Menu & Food Localization

In the era of globalization, restaurant menu localization is essential to satisfy the evolving taste preference.

Features / 06

Shipping consolidation and re-packaging

With Asia wide coverage in consolidated shipping solutions, we can leverage the economies of scale in shipping performance, which would enable diverse product SKU flexibilities to enter a new market.

“Our strengths lie in our capabilities to trade in any bulk volumes, handling diverse channels across Pan-Asia market.”






Contract farming cooperation
with PAD allows you to
achieve the most optimum
investment costs and





Brand Owner

Shortening the global supply
chain operations from
sourcing to procurement.
To connect the world-class
food and beverage supplier
networks at ease.





Distributors &

Connect you to the trade
channels (QSR, foodservice,
and retail) 60-90 days after
our agreement.

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