Not just dumplings.

Our products cover Asian and Western delicacies. Asian-style dumplings, Hong Kong-style dim-sum, Dandan noodles, stuffed flatbread pies, bubble tea, and professional Western appetizers.  We enrich your menu and product line!

Featured Products

Our team has been supporting R&D and production for some well-known successful brands in the market.

PAM TAI EXCELLENT is our private label. It offers professional food service to retail packaging that meets your customer needs.

We are also open to either co-branding ideas or developing exclusive products for your unique market.

Experience R&D & Production Team

Our production journey began working out  of a small-scale centra kitchen  in 1976. Since then, we have expanded into a 1,200 pings plant to keep up with the growing needs of businesses, restaurants, and consumers.

Inspired by our culinary chef and production team, our core belief is to create a memorable multi-culture taste for people across the globe.

Export Countries

Food Safety Certification

  • Globalization Also Localization

    More than a dumpling manufacturer, we are constantly learning to adapt to local tastes. We export our products to Australia, the United States, Netherlands, Ireland,  Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada, Singapore, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

  • Quality & Safety  Means Responsibility.

    Delivering the highest  products as possible, quality and safety are always our first priority.

    HACCP Validation-
    It proves that we are capable of  controlling and monitoring each step from raw materials to products in order to ensure product safety.

    ISO 22000 FSMS Validation –
    It proves our ability  to control food risks and ensure product safety from our food supply chain to consumers.

    Also,we upgraded control measures to ensure food safety after terrorist attacks 911 in USA.

Our Production Line

We have flexible production lines that produce a variety of products according to your specifications and requirements.

On-Site Gallery

Safety & Quality Control

Incoming Quality Control

The raw materials must pass the quality inspection before entering the factory and production

Food Microorganisms Control

Testing of raw material ingredients received in-house microbiology laboratory

Process Quality Control

The QC team conducts strict quality control for each product specification during the production process, and each product needs to undergo metal testing to ensure product safety.

Food Additives Control

Only food additives that comply with laws and regulations are permissible for use in production.  Raw material and storage are under strict quality management control.

Production  Category

We’ve got an array of menus designed to keep you inspired and customers hungry for more.

Wholesales & OEM /ODM Inquiries

If you are interested in our products, please feel free to send us your inquiry. We sincerely hope to establish win-win business relationships with you.