Decades of experience
built our reputation

Getting to Singapore, Taiwan,
Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia market faster,
more expertise, fewer risks.

It’s Our Goal To Ensure You  

Stroger Sales Force, Greater Stability

We offer future order plans in advance with you to increase your sales and long-term cash-flow visibility.

Integrated Supply Chain Infrastructure

PAD achieves higher business performance with higher efficiency and minimal supply chain risk.

Category profiling and competitors analysis

PAD is engaged to determine the single most powerful point of differentiation in your brand, relative to competitors in the market.

This position is used as a foundation for all marketing programs going forward.

Container cargo ship, import export business and logistics, aerial top view. Water transport, international freight shipping, commercial trade and transportation in the open sea
frying potatoes in pan with oil, top view
Cropped image of handsome man with a market basket doing shopping at the supermarket
Food concept. Chef in white uniform monitors the degree of roasting and greases meat with oil in saucepan in interior of modern restaurant kitchen. Preparing traditional beef steak on barbecue oven.

Negotiating and managing a diverse sales channel

With a diverse client base. PAD  distributes  products to multiple sales channels including wholesalers, food processing companies, retailers ,Quick-service-restaurants, and e-commerce.

By penetrating markets effectively, we can build brand awareness quicker and more efficiently than other competitors.

Connecting You to Some of the Largest Trade Network

By penetrating markets effectively, we can build brand awareness quicker and more efficiently than other competitors.

Executing a marketing plan together with diverse experts & culinary resources

Our team will plan and execute a fully integrated, long-term marketing strategy to help you to achieve your business goal, whether it is to increase sales, improve awareness or maintain relationship with key influencers in the industry.

Choosing PAD means calling on a culinary marketing agency. Our know-how and connections covers all Southeast Asia markets.

Order and shipment consolidation

In a high-growth, fast-changing Pan-Asia market, providing the right SKU quickly to meet client’s need is the key!

We have the ability to carry out shipping consolidation, which allows diverse product SKU flexibility shipped to new markets.

Aerial top view container ship with crane bridge for load container, logistics import export, shipping or transportation concept background.

In today’s climate, business agility is essential to keep pace with rapid change.

PAD has built capabilities in supply chain infrastructure, partnering with you in your business transformation journey.

We have confident to launch your products on your targeted market within 60-90 days after our commercial agreement signed.

What stage is your Asia-pacific export business at?

Few things to consider and prepare before entering a new market 

  • Competitor analysis
  • Evaluating sales channels
  • Pricing strategy
  • Defining the opportunity segment market
  • Negotiating deals  and marketing fund approval
  • Conducting a small-scale trial

Entering Markets

  • Communication mix
  • Trading deals for sales channels
  • Promotion project
  • Hitting the store shelves
  • Merchandising
  • Sampling/ KOL/ Endorser

Market Expansion

  • Share of shelves/market expansion
  • Cross-channel expansion
  • Cross –country expansion
Let the Numbers Speak

Sustaining Growth

  • Developing customer channel-focused growth strategies
  • Re-Packing(If needed) to fit the specific segment market
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