Sustainability and Traceability

Our vegetable and fruit suppliers adhere to industry standards for responsible & sustainable product farming. We actively seek new partnerships with suppliers that have sustainability at the core of their principles.

We also hold certification for our warehouse and logistics operation; this shows our commitment to upholding our standards across the entire supply chain. This accreditation goes hand in hand with our GAP accreditation; giving us the tools to trace our products from the farm to the finished product.

Our vegetable and fruit products are sourced globally. We work with partners and invest significantly in our supply chain.

Total Hot-Pot Solutions

Taiwan is well known for its hotpot mania around the world. Each kind of hot pot like shabu-shabu, spicy hotpot, or the combo hotpot has its markets which makes Taiwan the most creative hotspot provider in the world. PAD provides hotpot solutions in recipe development for frozen ready-to-cook products, for example, soup bases, ingredients, side dishes and dipping sauces.

Total solution for starting your hotpot business in both retail and food services

Additional Programs

Offering six pillars of value-added processing 

PAD Value-adding solutions for food ingredient raw material encompasses processes or services in the supply chain that adds to or enhances the value of products to customers.

It is more than just food processing, among other things, value-adding can include supplying new products of different varieties, changing presentation to meet market requirements, providing expertise and/or services and promotion and marketing activities to make your products unique.

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