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Already exporting your F&B products into Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia, but have been missing your business goals for a while?

“Based on research, insufficient pre-and post-sales support is the key reason for declining sales.”




How we support local sales activities to sell more

PAD has integrated local channel management partners, co-design the optimal multichannel go-to-market strategy for your brand.

To achieve the goal of optimizing market coverage, drive channel productivity, improve channel experiences and find untapped opportunities.

We manage regular sales
related activities including :

How we deliver brand personality and campaign message for your brand 

Ensure the personality, heritage, and knowledge of your brand reaches your target.   


We mange brand related activities regularly:


PAD in-house repackaging division provides customized package sizes according to local needs.


Total revenue growth: Ensuring the growth of the  total amount of income generated across all products.


Choosing the right partner, accelerate your sales growth

Market penetration increase : Increasing the  number of market share compared to the total competitor sales volume  in the market.


Category sales growth : Raising the  income generated per category.

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